These inherent advantages of Photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic with Forestry,  Photovoltaic with Fishery,  Photovoltaic with Agriculture, Photovoltaic with Poverty relief, and domestic Photovoltaic power station Etc, they can complement each other. These related models of photovoltaic are gradually appearing in people's life. The emergence of photovoltaic power generation, let the traditional energy suddenly lose the previous dazzling brilliance, and left it in the dust!

A lot of people would question, what's the advantage of photovoltaic solar energy?

1. Solar energy is inexhaustible.

This sentence has been in as early as in primary school textbooks, but then understand, without a further understanding. Actually, our solar system has existed for 5 billion years or so, according to the present total power of the solar radiation and the estimation of the total content of hydrogen on the sun, the solar energy resources can be continue for another 60 billion years. It is indeed inexhaustible.

2. The process of photovoltaic power generation is non-radioactive, noiseless and environmentally friendly.

Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells to convert solar energy directly into electric energy, without radiation and noise.Before a lot of people think photovoltaic (pv) power generation has very high radiation, after experts misgivings truly understand the photovoltaic process of radiation and home appliances radiation, will not cause interference to the human life.As for noise, it does not affect people's lives. The inverters in photovoltaic systems may hiss at work, but even close to them is hard to hear.

3. Photovoltaic power generation operation is stable ,reliable, and easy maintenance.

Photovoltaic power generation system consists of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, photovoltaic module, bracket and related equipment, which can be operated as long as the light is available.

And the photovoltaic module industry gives the service life of 20~25 years, the standard warranty of the inverter is 5 years, and there is no need for human care during the system operation, which can realize unattended.

Moreover, the photovoltaic power station is not complicated after the construction.It is necessary to clean up the leaves, bird droppings and dust on the photovoltaic modules on a regular basis.

As traditional mineral energy dwindling, predominantly photovoltaic new energy are playing an increasingly important role in the structure of energy. Because of photovoltaic power generation has its unique advantages,put traditional energy in the dust. And the photovoltaic power generation has been combined with agriculture, poverty alleviation etc at home, and has derived photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, poverty alleviation, fishery photovoltaics complementary and so on many new patterns.  It became more closely to people's life.