1. After obtaining personal information, we will take a reasonable way to notify the customer.
  2. After obtaining personal information, we will only use the information to make the necessary business in specific business.
  3. When commissioning an external handling of personal information, we will appoint an admitted consigner. The consigner must manage the information with safety and secret and the consigner shall not be re-appointed.
  4. When we need to use the personal information during cooperation, we must inform the customer in advance and publish personal information on the project jointly used.
  5. We have no right to impart the personal information to the third party, except agreed by the customer.
  6. When customer requests for discovery, amendment, out of use and eliminating personal information, we will comply with the law and the established procedures.
  7. We deal with everything promptly. In addition, we open a service window to deal with personal information inquiries, to confer and for complaint.
  8. About the personal information we manage, we will take a series of reasonable and safety policy to prevent improper invasion, loss, amendment and letting personal information out.
  9. For the policy feasibility, we plan to launch relevant education and training activities about the policy and personal information protection to carry out a right way for personal information processing in daily business and raise the awareness of protection of personal information.