Horizontal sing-axis linkage tracker

We strictly follow our production management system andcalculate the strength anti-wind velocity and crush resistance;

aim to provide excellent solar solution and significantly lower cost.

Horizontal sing-axis linkage tracker

▪ Mechanical structure, modular assembly and easy installation

▪ Cost-effective, centralized designed to improve maintenance efficiency and save labor operation cost

▪ Slewing supporting drive and intelligent self night return control

▪ Fewer points of failure, less power consumption

▪ Strict resist natural disaster design and effective network monitoring              

Basic Technical Parameter

System: Horizontal single-axis linkage tracking system

Control Mode: Time control/ MPPT intelligence tracking 0.2°

Capacity(DC): 200~500 KW

MAX. Rows: 24 rows

Module Per Row: 64PCS

Increased Output: 10%~25% (May customized)

Rotation Angle: -45° ~ 45°

IP Protection: IP 65

Mechanical Parameter

Driving Mode: Linkage

Moto Power:   DC24V

Daily Power Consumption: <1kwh

Material: Hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum alloy

Module Type: Crystalline/ thin film/double-glazed module

Ground Clearance: >500mm

Foundation: Driven pile/ concrete basement

MAX. Wind Resistance: 140km/h

Safe Return Flat Wind Speed: <68km/h

Mechanical Life /Guarantee: >20/5(Y)

Motor Life/ Guarantee: >10/2(Y)

Better Working Tem: -40~60